Woofingtons of Bentleigh

More than just dog grooming

A Good Ol' Fashion Scrub - Our Process to Wash Your Fur Baby.

At Woofingtons of Bentleigh all our washes start with a Natural Flea Wash, scrubbing it through the coat not forgetting all the important areas, like the bottom, inside the legs, under the pads and in between the toes. Then we rinse. 

Teeth Brushed, each brushed only used once then thrown away, we then clean your Fur baby's eyes then ears.
This is followed by the shampoo which is lathered and massaged into the pooch coat helping to soften and further clean the coat. Another rinse.

Last part of the washing process a conditioning treatment massaged in then left to further soften the coat this product also helps to keep your pooch smelling good for longer. Last rinse. Towel dry, blow dry and set.
Then choose one of our many spritzer smells made especially for Woofingtons. All our products are all natural no chemicals or preservatives, better for the environment and of course and most importantly great for our 4 legged family members.

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